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If you are running a website and think it of as a profitable channel to multiply your earnings, then make sure it is up-to-date, overhauled, and goes by customers’ expectations.

As of fact, it is your business’s representation in the online sphere and nothing is constant. Customers’ perceptions, expectations, or needs.

Even, various aspects of web development also change. Like new trends in designing, enhanced SEO tools, transforming online marketing, and so forth.

So, what’s the best way to keep your website in line with the latest improvements of the web world? Read the signs that suggest your website is lagging back and you need to go for a major revamping. Here are the signs you should take hints from:

#1 Visit numbers are falling day by day not occasionally

Your visitors are falling gradually despite targeting with definitive keywords and SEO tactics. If it is about a single page or for a certain time period, then might some slight changes in the keywords targeting can cover up the loss. But, if you observe the falling trend for over 6 months, then talk to your developer and brainstorm ideas for a newer outlook.

#2 Your website has reports of not performing on mobile handsets

By far, mobiles have become an inseparable part of our lives. So much that we use mobiles for using internet and availing services.

Clearly, desktops, PCs, and laptops are getting replaced. So, if you find out from your user groups that they cannot access your site properly on mobile handsets, go for redesigning. This time with mobile responsiveness. You might see the number of visitors going up by double.

#3 Your website lacks crucial elements like a blog

Your website is a crucial source for your business to get exposure and all attention from the target markets. So, if it doesn’t have a section for blog or news where customers can actively engage and absorb information, you need to consider one immediately.

Similarly, CTA or Call-to-Action buttons are the gateway for customers and gives you more business. So, if your website is devoid of them, consider placing them while redesigning.

#4 Your website still uses Flash animation

If your website still flaunts a banner built with Flash, it’s time you consider replacing it. Flash animation, which was once a prerequisite tool for web designing is now obsolete. With consistent disruption in web technology, now flashy banners, flying texts, and all such intuitive things can be created using HTML format only.

#5 Bounce rate is getting higher because of load speed

Not only your website is experiencing a falling number of visits, but also higher bounce rates. When analytics on the traffic reveal people leaving your site in 4-5 seconds, it’s definitely because your site appears too slowly. So, one of the chief reasons you should go for redesigning is its load speed.

Remember, your website is a virtual door for your customers to get your services. So, no matter how posh it looks or how good it was being built once, it is not going to last for long. You need to read the signs and go for strategies to rebuild them.

Also, who likes to see the same thing again and again. You always need to spark some new elements to give it a refreshing look.

So that’s a wrap! now let me know what’s your mind speak about the above points? Comment below.

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