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YouTube is launching four new tools creators can utilize when editing YouTube Shorts videos.

YouTube is rolling out its in-app creation tools for Shorts videos to all or any US users and adding four brand new features.

Following a beta launch in March, YouTube Shorts is now able to be utilized by all users across us.

US creators can use the Shorts camera within the YouTube mobile app to record, edit, and publish small clips.

In addition to the new creation tools, new features are becoming added to the Shorts camera that provides users more editing options.

Here’s more about the new updates to YouTube Shorts.

Four New YouTube Shorts Features

60 Second Recordings

When recording videos with the YouTube Shorts camera, users can toggle between a maximum duration of 15 seconds or a maximum duration of 60 seconds. This greatly extends the length of YouTube Shorts videos, which previously capped out at 15 seconds.

However, when recording Shorts videos with music from the YouTube library, videos are still capped at 15 seconds. that has to be a limitation of YouTube’s music licenses because quite 15 seconds of music are often used if the creator owns the song.

Shorts Video Filters

YouTube creators will be able to switch to different filters within the recording and editing screens within the Shorts camera. Filters enable users to paint correct footage or change the design & feel of a video.

This is just the start, YouTube says, as a way greater selection of filters and effects are going to be released throughout the year.

Video Captions

In an attempt to form YouTube Shorts more accessible, creators can now add captions to their videos in two alternative ways.

Creators can either allow YouTube to feature the captions automatically, which uses speech-to-text technology. Or creators can manually add their own captions.

Since speech-to-text technology is way from perfect, the power to feature manual captions can help clear up any inaccuracies.

Users will have the choice to settle on between manual and automatic captions when watching a video.

Shorts Tab on Home Page

In the YouTube mobile app, users can explore more Shorts content via a replacement tab on the rock bottom of the screen.

The Shorts tab appears where the Explore tab once was. YouTube isn’t getting obviate the Explore section, it’s being relocated to the highest of the screen.

With this update, Explore can now be found because of the first topic at the highest of the house feed. Explore will still be an area where users can discover content from up and coming creators, also as trending videos and popular topics.

YouTube says Explore may be a natural fit the highest of the app’s home page, which contains a variety of curated topics to assist users to discover content that will be of interest to them. Explore helps users in a similar way by surfacing trending content from creators they’ll not have seen before.

YouTube will soon be directing everyone to the present new home for Explore and can display in-app reminders while this adjustment is formed.

In addition to the Short tab and YouTube home page, Shorts are often found on creators’ channel pages. Creators can still edit and upload Shorts however they like, the Shorts camera makes the method easier for people that aren’t well-versed in video editing.

Source: YouTube Creator Insider

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