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The number of worldwide social media users can surpass 3 billion by 2021.

That’s over a 3rd of the Earth’s population!

That creates an improbable chance to achieve online users, and you shouldn’t pass it up.

But not each platform works similarly to each business. That’s why it’s vital to review what’s operating and what isn’t.

Otherwise, you risk dalliance, energy, and cash on imperfect campaigns. But don’t worry. That’s wherever social media audits will facilitate.

In this post, We’ll show you the way to perform a social media audit in only half-hour.

The result can tell you if you’re on target to hit it huge or if you’re in danger of flushing a lot of greenbacks down the drain.

But before we tend to get to it, let’s talk about preparing your audit.

How to prepare your social media audit

“Auditing” will sound daunting.

In this case, though, yours can truly be pretty straightforward. We’ll take a glance at every platform and determine a couple of important KPI benchmarks to determine progress.

So, how often should you perform an audit?

Ultimately, you’ll be able to do them as usual as you’d wish to. I like to recommend quarterly at the very least, each week is best if attainable.

The point is that you just love systematically and in an exceedingly manner that works for you.

I recommend making a program to keep up with all of the knowledge you’ll be recording. Google Drive may be a good spot to try and do therefore since it’s free. Here’s the way to do a straightforward one.

Pull up Google Drive and choose the “New” button.

From the dropdown menu, click “Google Sheets.”

Now, you’ll have a fresh spreadsheet to work with. i like Google Drive because of you’ll be able to share them along with your team, partners, and different vendors.

Next, you’ll need to label the columns.

These are classes that list account data and key performance indicators.

What precisely ought to your columns contain? Here are some ideas:

  • The username and URL for every platform that you’ll audit
  • The number of followers for every account
  • Engagement metrics
  • Demographic data
  • Popular content

These produce a pleasant base to figure off of. Here’s what my program sounds like currently.

It looks a small amount empty, huh? Let’s fix that by getting into our account data.

I’d advise that you just date your audits or add monthly sections to them.

This helps track monthly changes once you audit once more within the future.

Since each platform is exclusive, you may additionally add columns for network-specific metrics.

With this basic example, you’re able to use your auditing program.

Now, it’s time to induce to figure.

I’ll walk you through analyzing Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.


Facebook collects a lot of helpful knowledge regarding your Pages and organizes it in one place. you’ll be able to access it by visiting the Business Manager section.

Just click the drop down menu within the top-right corner of Facebook and choose your Page beneath “Business Manager.”

On the subsequent page, Facebook can offer you valuable insights into each your ad accounts and therefore the business Page itself.

Since we’re specializing in general social media nowadays, let’s initial take a look at the summary.

Right away, Facebook displays data regarding your Page likes, reach, and therefore the engagement you’ve accumulated. you’ll be able to filter the results for nowadays, yesterday, the last seven days, or the last twenty-eight days.

Next, click on the Page Posts to envision a breakdown of your best-performing posts.

This will tell you what kind of content is delivering the foremost engagement and reach. With this data, let’s return to our program and fill it in.

It ought to look almost like this:

As you’ll be able to see, I’ve entered what percentage new followers I’ve gained, what quantity my engagement has improved, and what content performed the simplest.

What regarding demographics?

For that, you’ll be got to visit the Facebook Insights Page. this may offer you a report on all of the Pages you run.

Select the Page you’re auditing and it’ll take you to a summary.

As you’ll be able to see from Megalytic’s perspective, choosing the “People” tab can show demographic knowledge. This includes your fan demographics besides users you’ve reached and engaged.

Each tab will show you:

  • The ratio of men versus girls that follow you
  • The number of users in each age group
  • Which countries and cities your followers are from

Otherwise you have to promote each target demographic. Keep note of that gender, age groups, and locations form up the bulk of your fans.

You can use this knowledge later for trade content. But first, let’s input a number of this knowledge into our data spreadsheet.

With that straightforward Facebook audit, you ought to currently have an honest plan of World Health Organization your target market is and what content they relish the foremost.

When you plan to audit your Page once more, you’ll be able to compare these metrics to the updated ones to envision however your content is Performing.


Pinterest may be a goldmine for marketers.

It’s a platform that heavily rewards quality infographics and visual content. It additionally offers an awesome analytics page boot.

Once you’ve upgraded to the free business account, you’ll be able to choose “Analytics” and “Overview” from the top-left corner.

The overview will show you your average daily impressions, average daily viewers, and most well-liked content. These 2 initial metrics are convenient for measuring your account’s growth.

As we have a tendency to saw with Facebook, understanding what content performs best can assist you to provide additional of it within the future. This could additionally increase your engagement and pins.

What quite content does one notice performs well for your page?

You will realize data regarding their location, gender, and language. To perforate the demographics of your Pinterest follower, you’ll be able to click the arrow beside “People you reach.”

Clicking the “Interests” tab shows classes that your followers area unit presumably to have an interest in.

Record these in your spreadsheet. within the future, you may publish additional content in these classes to envision if your followers relish them.

Next, you’ll see your impressions, saves, and clicks on the “Profile” page.

Saves and clicks area unit arguably the foremost necessary metrics here.

Seeing that posts users save the foremost can tell which content to focus on and which to dial back.

It additionally reveals that varieties of pins area unit driving the foremost traffic to your web site.

Selecting the “All-time” tab shows you which of them pins received the foremost shares and hierarchical the very best in searches.

Do you notice any similarities between the pins that area unit receiving the simplest feedback? Note this in your spreadsheet.

Record any necessary knowledge in your spreadsheet. By now, your spreadsheet ought to be filling out quite nicely.


Instagram is that the go-to social media platform for fashion, beauty, and health brands.

Instagram already has over 700 million users. And over the 70% of US businesses are now using it to reach customers, too.

If you upgrade to a business account, you gain access to Instagram Insights. this can be their native analytics tool to help you in activity performance.

It won’t offer you insights into content that you just announce before you upgraded, however, it’ll offer you data regarding your posts from then on.

As you’ll be able to see below, it’s accessible from each of your account pages and individual posts.

If you visit the Insights homepage, it’ll offer you a general summary of your Instagram account. It initially shows followers and post counts for the previous week.

Below this, you’ll be able to realize a graph with data on:

  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • Profile Visits

Going additional, we’ve got the “Followers” section. This contains some basic demographic data regarding your Instagram followers.

If you would like to search out even additional regarding your followers, click “See More” at the top-right corner. which will pull up 2 graphs.

One can show you the hours once your follower’s area unit most active. The other can reveal that days they’re most active.

You can use this to search out the foremost best day and hour to post.


Next, it’s knowing to analyze however your photos are performing. you’ll be able to do that in one amongst 2 ways in which.

The first option is to select an individual post and click “View Insights.”

Likes, comments, and saves can seem at the highest. beneath the “Actions” section, Instagram tells you ways several profile visits, followers, and web site clicks you received.

Since the hashtags are a huge part of marketing on Instagram, take the time to envision which of them attracted the foremost users.

Consider adding that to your spreadsheet in addition if you’d like. Over time, you’ll be able to comb out the lesser-performing hashtags and replace them with higher ones.

The second approach is to navigate to the posts space of the Insights homepage.

Click “See All,” and Instagram can show each post from the last year and their impressions.

You can additionally filter it by time, kind of content, and measurements like comments or likes.

Their area unit varied ways in which you’ll be able to profit from this.

For example, you’ll be able to filter by content to get whether or not your audience likes photos, videos, or carousel posts the foremost.

Refine it right down to comments and you will notice that captions or queries get the foremost responses.


Have you ever posted an Instagram Story?

For businesses, it’s a fun ways to show followers behind-the-scenes action.

With the Insights tool, you’ll dive into how your Stories are performing. Simply open a Story and click on the viewers on the bottom-left area of the screen.

You will find which users viewed the Story, total impressions, and reach. It also documents actions like replies and clicks.

Use this to work out which content followers answer the foremost positively with Instagram Stories.


Twitter advertising is one of my favorite techniques for quickly gaining attention as a result of it’s therefore straightforward.

If you visit the Ads Manager, you’ll gain access to your account’s analytics.

Let’s begin by choosing the “Analytics” dropdown menu and clicking “tweet activity.” this may allow you to read tweet engagement, impressions, and more.

First, Twitter is good enough to grant you a convenient graph of your impressions over the last 28-day amount. you’ll be able to amend this to the last seven days or a custom range in addition.

Click the “Top Tweets” tab to envision that of your tweets in an exceedingly hand-picked amount area unit the foremost widespread.


A social media audit doesn’t have to be compelled to belong or tedious.

If you follow what I’ve made public during this article, you’ll be able to complete yours in as very little as 30 Minutes.

Every social media platform offers analytics and insights that you need to take advantage of.

You’ll become a master in any respect of them with enough observe.

They will alter you to boost your marketing ways and speak to your audience in their language.

Preparation and organization area unit the keys to a self-made audit.

That’s why a straightforward spreadsheet is therefore handy.

You’ll need to stay a record of however these numbers increase or decrease over time. That way, you’ll be able to draw conclusions regarding what’s operating and what’s not.

Set a schedule to perform your audits, too. you may do them on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

Don’t be afraid to experiment by attempting out new networks. you’ll be able to add these to your next audit.

Set goals supported the collected knowledge, and you’ll be systematically growing your social accounts over time.

What do you think is the most important part of a social media audit?

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