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If you’d wish to confirm that you simply are holding on to your SEO results and are keeping your program rankings, you’d better concentrate to the newest updates of the most important search engine; Google. Below you’ll find a couple of reasons why Mobile-First Indexing could be affecting your page.

Mobile Usability Issues On Your Site

If your site has mobile usability issues, and it’s hard to navigate on tablets or phones, it’ll hurt your program rankings. you’ll got to make sure that the links and buttons aren’t too approximate, and therefore the text are often read on every screen. likelihood is that – if you’re using an older template – this may be a drag. you would possibly want to urge a responsive theme, but this is often not enough.

Mobile Speed Test

Once you’re confident that your site performs well on mobile screens, and it’s giving your visitors the simplest user experience possible, it’s important that you simply test the speed. Most sites, like Google page speed checker and Pingdom Tools will tell you about the page speed on desktop and mobile devices.

Anything under three seconds is sweet, but anything over six seconds will simply ruin your program rankings.

Google Page Score

You will even have to seem at your page quality and performance score. Log into your Google Webmaster Tools account and look for issues. If there are none, you’ll still make improvements, especially if your site is loading slowly. Take into consideration the origin of the traffic. If you’ve got a world audience, you would possibly be more happy employing a CDN service. CDN stands for Content Distribution Network.

As an example, if your host is found in Austin, Texas, and every one the servers are there, and your traffic is coming from Europe, it’ll take awhile for the server to reply . A CDN service can solve this issue.

How To Get Your Site Updated

It is important that you simply get your website updated and check the loading time regularly, especially after installing new plugins or widgets.

However, changing to a lighter theme is an alternative choice which will work rather well . rather than paying thousands to an web designer to make a replacement site, you’ll just add speed optimization plugins or change the settings manually. Getting a fresh installation are going to be likely to unravel the matter. you’ll also get a mobile-first optimized site developed by The Defender.

Your website’s mobile performance matters. confirm that you simply check your rankings and your page speed to stay the traffic flowing.

Alisha Patel (Co-Founder) is that the owner of the digital marketing firm: The Defender.

She is dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses achieve their marketing goals, by creating customized websites, and interesting online marketing campaigns at a coffee price.

Her motto for patrons confused about online marketing is: “Leave it to Alisha”.

We hope this will help you with your website’s mobile-first indexing well. if you’re facing troubles let us know in the comments below.

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