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What is Bounce Rate in Google Analytics?

When people click on a link to your website you would like them to stay around. you would like them to read your content, see your offers, then finally take subsequent steps to answer your calls to action. But, many of us do bounce off the location.

Bouncing means they visited but left quickly. you’ll view your bounce rate in Google Analytics.

So, how are you able to reduce your bounce rates?

Increase Speed

When you can increase the loading speed of your website, you are going to automatically have fewer bouncing visitors. People are impatient and don’t wish to wait around for something to load.

Don’t blow out People’s Retinas

Certain colors, like blue and gold, don’t translate well to online reading. additionally, you’d like to space out your paragraphs differently than you would for print. It’s okay to separate your text into more paragraphs for online reading.

Improve Your SEO

Search engine optimization is vital for your website. If you’ve got tons of bounces you’ll be using the incorrect sort of content to draw in your ideal audience. Or, worse, your content is boring. Improve the content and therefore the SEO, and you will have fewer bounces.

Study Your audience Better

Another thing about bounce rates is a poor understanding of your audience. If your advertisements, blog posts, and content marketing (and any marketing for that matter) aren’t well-targeted to your audience, then you would like to enhance your targeting.

Create Natural Navigation

The best navigation isn’t very noticeable but naturally leads your visitors to where they need to travel. do not be clever with link and button names. Instead, be direct about where the link goes to send your visitor and useless navigation on the front page. Having fewer choices will avoid

Know the rationale for Your Website

If you do not know the aim of your website then nobody else will know either. make sure that you’ve got planned out the web site before building it in order that you recognize and your visitors know that the web site is obvious about its message.

Bounced traffic features a sort of cause that you simply got to research. you’ll use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to assist you to discover ways to scale back your bounce rate. But, one among the foremost important things is to make sure that your website speaks to your audience in order that you attract the proper people in the first place.

Without SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you’re just hoping that Google will somehow stumble across your website, find out what topics you’re writing about, then hopefully send you tons of traffic that’s relevant and targeted.

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