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Many small business owners are wondering whether or to not stop marketing during COVID-19.

As I continue self-isolating to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, I wanted to follow up with other effective ways to stay your business running smoothly and successfully.

Here are 4 marketing strategies to consider:

1. Specialise in Digital Campaigns

With the shutdown or slowdown of most brick-and-mortar businesses, entrepreneurs are relying quite ever on digital strategies. an enormous a part of brand marketing during this pandemic and into the longer term goes to be shifting most (if not all) of your small business online.

In fact, Larry Kim from Mobile Monkey just wrote, “One new customer closed their brick and mortar locations nationwide and located web traffic is up +150%.”

According to Klaviyo, an email marketing platform that taps into a network of 30,000 businesses for insights, 22% of brands said they’re spending more on ads. And 66% of brands that are spending more on ads also are seeing increased efficiency, with a reduced cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM) and price per click (CPC).

If you’re wondering the way to market during the pandemic, think about using Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram for Business or LinkedIn Ads to direct traffic to:

  • Well-researched and useful blogs and videos
  • Online products with free shipping
  • Virtual services you’ll offer, whether that’s financial therapy or Online music lessons
  • Gift cards which will be used now or within the future

That said, do not be afraid to pause campaigns that are not relevant immediately , or that you simply think may turn your customers off.

Part of brand marketing during this pandemic is knowing when to re- strategize and pivot, instead of continuing with a billboard campaign that’s not getting to resonate with-or even offends-your audience.

2. Update Your Google My Business Listing

Your customers and potential customers are relying on you for the newest information about your small business. If you’re closing your company temporarily, whether you’re changing the hours you’re open and you would like to let people know.

Using Google Posts are often an excellent thanks to update people on everything from reduced hours to gift card purchases. Here’s some guidance from Google on the way to best change your profile.

And don’t worry about SEO implications when you’re editing your profile. for instance , marking your business as temporarily closed won’t affect your search ranking, and Google will still display you within the search results.

If you do not immediately see the changes that you simply make to your Google My Business profile, don’t panic. Google has said they’ll review updates for quality before publishing.

3. Don’t Stop Posting on Social Media

Even if you’ve got to completely shutter your business for the nonce , stay active online. additionally to tools like Google My Business, customers look to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram channels for the foremost up-to-date news.

It’s really bad to possess outdated posts or information languishing on your social media pages.

Some of the updates you’ll share include:
  • Your crisis management strategy, including the steps you are taking to guard your employees and customers (sanitizing workstations, not letting sick employees work, ensuring employees wear gloves, etc.)

  • Changes to hours or business policies (for example, only letting one person into the shop at a time)

  • If you are taking online orders and/or offering free shipping

  • Uplifting quotes or personal messages

4. Be Careful What You Share

There is tons of misinformation circulating on social media, and it are often dangerous to offer your customers the incorrect advice (not to say hugely damaging to your reputation).

Whatever your marketing strategies for the COVID-19 crisis are, always look to your brand for guidance. Your brand vision, mission, and values should be your “North Star” as you stay active online and let your customers know that you’re here for them-now and within the future.

To your business success,

Krunal JungadeFounder of the website building and digital marketing firm The Defender, is a Web Specialist, Business & Marketing Consultant, and Social Media Advisor. he works with entrepreneurs who struggle with having a scarcity of data , skill, and support needed to make their online business presence.

As a results of working with Krunal and his team, clients feel confident and relieved knowing their online marketing is in trustworthy and caring hands in order that they can specialise in building their business with peace of mind at having an ideal network in place to guide them every step of the way.

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